About us

Independent tax practice

Taxacta is an independent tax advisory firm operating as a boutique service provider. We are dedicated to helping businesses by delivering practical solutions through a personalised approach. We have a team of highly qualified tax experts with long-standing expertise and in-depth knowledge in the area of taxation.

We offer a wide range of tax consultancy services including corporate tax, transfer pricing, VAT, international taxation, excise duties, personal taxes and other.

Practical tax solutions

We are dedicated to providing the best strategic solution with attention to the details and in a clear, practical, and comprehensive manner that will benefit our clients.

We have a practical view and experience in a number of industries such as wholesale, retail, e-commerce, energy, petroleum products, pharmaceutical businesses, finance services, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. Our expertise allows us to support our clients – multinational and domestic companies – by delivering fast and accurate tax advice and sustainable tax solutions aimed at mitigating tax risk and minimising cost.

Connected worldwide

Taxacta maintains strong relationships with a number of international organisations, professional bodies, and a network of independent tax advisors across the EU and beyond. We often participate in joint projects with leading tax consultancy practices from different countries. We work closely with our network of professionals and provide both domestic and international tax support to our clients.

Taxacta is one of the founding members of the Bulgarian branch of IFA (International Fiscal Association). Tania Pavlova is a partner of the VAT Forum – an EU-wide network of independent VAT specialists. Taxacta representatives are often speakers at local and international tax seminars and conferences.

Our team

Our tax consultancy experts