Corporate taxation

  • Tax optimisation of the corporate structure
  • Ensuring compliance with the Corporate Income Tax Act
  • Application of different regimes (thin capitalization) and rules (interest limitation deduction rule, tax depreciable assets)
  • Assistance in preparing the annual corporate tax return
  • Consultation on the correct application of tax rules
  • Clarifications on taxation of different expenses

Transfer pricing

  • Drafting documentation (local file and master file)
  • Creating a comprehensive transfer pricing strategy
  • Optimising the used transfer pricing model
  • Performing benchmark studies

Indirect taxes


  • VAT consultations and VAT related cash flow planning
  • Optimising VAT consequences of different transactions
  • VAT reporting for local and foreign companies
  • VAT registration
  • VAT refund

  Excise duty:

  • Consultations on the application of the excise duty legislation
  • Applying the excise duty suspension arrangement
  • Registration of tax warehouses


  • Customs planning and customs compliance
  • Applying customs regimes and procedures

Personal taxation

  • Advice on matters related to personal income taxation, as well as local taxes and fees
  • Assistance on preparation of declarations under the Personal Income Tax Act, Social Insurance Codex, Local Taxes and Fees Act and other

Mergers and acquisitions

  • Tax review for the purposes of acquiring and selling of a business (tax due diligence)
  • Identifying potential tax liabilities and risks
  • Tax optimisation of the acquisition and merger transactions
  • Assessing possible tax advantages of the assets and the transaction structure
  • Assisting in contract drafting for the acquisition and in the negotiation process

International taxation

  • Clarifications on withholding taxes
  • Analyzing the risk of forming a permanent establishment
  • Application of Double Tax Treaties
  • Assistance in applying tax credit for taxes paid abroad

Tax defence and litigation

  • Assistance in tax audits
  • Preparing opinions, responses and letters
  • Appealing against tax acts
  • Representation before the competent court